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At SELECT FOODS we take great pride in our fresh seafood facility. We are aware that more than any other protein, fresh seafood offers endless versatility of species and menu applications. We know that your seafood choices matter and we strive to source the highest quality raw materials available.

Most of our daily offerings come from local day boat fisherman who hand select the fish to our specifications. These fish are traceable by vessel, point of harvest and date. While a majority of our daily fresh selections are wild-caught, we also offer farm raised alternatives with an emphasis on sustainable aquaculture. We participate in Seafood Watch and follow the guidelines set forth by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

Once the fresh seafood arrives at our refrigerated docks, all products are checked for quality and then repacked in fresh, clean ice. Our fish is custom cut in house to order so that your fillets or portions have the longest shelf life possible. We also offer a wide variety of whole fish for those chefs who prefer to cut their own.

In SELECT FOODS fresh seafood department, commitment to quality is applied to every aspect of the cycle. All fillets and portions are specially packed to ensure maximum freshness. The packaging system we employ has revolutionized the fresh seafood industry and is an integral part of our cut fish program. These state of the art bags allow the fish to breathe out, but do not allow oxygen or any contaminants into the bags. The fresh fish stays protected from its environment and shelf life is greatly enhanced. This system allows us to customize packaging to your individual specifications and provides you with maximum storing efficiencies. SELECT FOODS is proud to offer this industry-leading, cutting-edge packaging as a complement and added bonus to our superior fresh seafood program.