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The United States produces the best beef in the world thanks to the hard work of generations of cattle producers committed to raising the highest-quality Angus type and continental breeds. The beef we purchase are fed a diet rich in Midwestern corn, resulting in steaks with remarkable flavor.

Studies have shown that corn-based diets are superior in producing marbling in cattle, and marbling is where beef gets its flavor. Marbling levels translate, along with animal age, into a top quality beef.

Although we believe U.S. beef to be the best tasting in the world, simply buying beef because it’s from the U.S. is not good enough. We are plant specific in our purchases.

Packing plants pull cattle from feed lots in a 100 to 150 mile radius of their location. Certain regions are known for producing richer, higher-quality cattle than others.

It is these plants from whom we purchase. In addition, we constantly monitor the quality and trim level of our approved plants. They must maintain specific standards or risk being dropped from our list. Whether our customers are buying cut steaks or box beef, they benefit from our constant monitoring of the performance and consistency of our suppliers.

Our team members- carry on the legacy of the Select Foods Trusted Excellence brand and its leading reputation, driven by an unyielding commitment to offering high-quality products that consistently exceed customer expectations. We take pride in the sense of confidence that's instilled by the quality and consistency that goes into every shipment of our trusted and recognizable box.